SDG’s 2018 Foreword



We never stop. Delivering high quality product, inovative and suitable for agriculture and plantation in this country, that's all our purpose. Customer Satisfaction of our corporate customer, government institute, as well as  group or individual customer, they're all our orientation

We are Atmaja Makmur Gemilang Group, an operational holding that holds PT. Pijar Nusa Pasifik, PT. Nusa Palapa Gemilang, PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari, PT. Pijar Nusa Gemilang, PT. Subur Nusa Gemilang, dan PT. Istana Semesta Gemilang.

This Operational Holding Company was established to sinchronize, and accelerating all our businesses from trading, NPK manufacturing, dolomite & biofertilizer production,  plantation, and property.Those various businesses requires united management move and strategy.

SDGs 2018 / Second Decade Goals 2018 is our targeted announcement of this company within  second decade period , that is on 2018. This main goal is to set up one of  our subsidary  becoming public company so it can deliver  and giving more benefits for all arround stake holder.

Success of SDG’s 2018 are the result of  element combination of success of individual corporate aspect as a whole from vision, mission, and values we believe and supported by our  high quality human resources.


We prioritize in developing human resources as one of our main program and corporate important strategy that should be run sustainable. We believe with highly competitive , competent,and professional human resources, good manner and  highly dedicated people in our organization, this company can growth and achive our goals

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